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Why Now is the Perfect Time to Invest in the Stock Market

Investing in the stock market is a vehicle for the creation of solid wealth even for an average investor. It affords many folks with the opportunity of getting good returns on a well-chosen investment. This explains why now is the perfect time to invest in the stock market:


This strategy works very well against the volatility of the stock market. If you intend to trade on stocks, you may end up losing some hard earned money if you do not buy or sell at the right time. However, since you are investing in the stock market, your strategy should be to buy for the long term. It is a proven fact that stocks remain one of the best-performing assets one can invest in. In the long run, the compounding returns on your investment in stocks will give you a high annual average regardless of what the market does.  Here is financial guru Warren Buffet explaining this strategy.


One of the reasons why folks invest in the stock market is because of the power of compound interest which it yields. To enjoy this to the fullest, it is advisable to invest early to benefit from it. One way of doing this is to consider it as a long-term investment and not be in a hurry to begin reaping from it. When you open your stock market investment account, be sure to reinvest the dividends earned by your stock as well as make monthly stock purchases to help you build up your stock portfolio. It is true that no time is too late to begin investing in stocks, but a person who begins early would definitely have more over time than another who begins much later.


Following the crash of stocks some few years ago, the real value of some excellent companies have not been reached yet. This makes it a perfect time to invest in such excellent companies whose share prices are on the cheap now. Bearing in mind that these companies have a good long-term prospect, investing in them now makes good business sense.


As an investor, your strategy should be to invest in stocks that yield dividends. Dividend yields are the dividends you earn based on the percentage of your investment in a stock. Excellent companies pay dividends on a yearly basis which in the long run far exceeds the amount of your investment.

To be a successful investor in the stock market, you should not be bothered with the short-term volatility of the market. You should place emphasis on excellent companies. With their stock price being on the cheap now, investing in them would prove to be a wise business decision both in the amount of dividend it would yield and the fact that the stock price would still stabilize in the near future.

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Bitcoin Prices Trading at an All-time High

According to latest report from cryptocoins news, an online source, they say bitcoin has skyrocketed to unprecedented all-time high on the BPI (Bitstamp Price Index) as trading value of cryptocurrency scaled beyond $1400.

Now bitcoin prices are trading at previously uncharted levels since the value of cryptocurrency reached on Monday a high of $1425. The previous high of $1350, was registered on March 10, 2017 amid increased traders’ interest in lead -up to SEC decision concerning bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF).

Bitcoin Since the Start of the Year

Since the turn of the year 2017, the value of bitcoin now has risen over 42%, and prices on Coinbase have peaked above $1,460.

This latest surge in prices, according to cryptocoins news, is attributed to part of continuing bullish trend which started in the last quarter of last year. The value of the world’s most renowned cryptocurrency struck an important milestone on January 1, 2017, when prices struck $1000. Bitcoin made history, within a matter of days, and reached gold parity. And that early rise stuck through what’s been a dramatic four months since this year started.

Cryptocoins news says that the crackdown that was led by People’s Bank of China remains the single biggest negative driver in prices the whole of January and February. On January 12, prices fell as low as $750, before recovering.

The Bullish Month of April

In the month of March, the waiting or anticipation of SEC’s decision concerning a bitcoin ETF led to prices hitting all-time BPI of $1350. The rejection of federal agency sent prices plummeting below $ 1000 in a sharp fall to a low of $891, before it bounced back to start a bullish trend in the month of April.

April started with bitcoin establishing reputation as a legal means of making payment in Japan. This legislation has led retailers to make notable moves towards accepting cryptocurrency.  As many as 260000 Japanese storefronts are going to be enabled this summer to accept bitcoin as payment.

Emerging markets like India and Russia significantly have changed their previously hardline stance with bitcoin, now with authorities talking about regulating-and acknowledging-cryptocurrency.

Also the last week of April saw the SEC finally announce its decision to review its rejection of bitcoin ETF application, which was filed by the Winklevoss brothers. It appears news of the review has helped step up up a gear bitcoin’s bull run.

The Litecoin Factor

A protocol improvement with Litecoin is one of the factors which have contributed to wider cryptocurrency market making also significant gains. Ethereum, which is the second most popular cryptocurrency, of course after bitcoin, today stuck some new all-time high, and now is valued at $7billion in the overall market capitalization.

Global average prices also struck an unprecedented high of $1433.81. This is according to statistics from BitcoinAverage.

Data from CoinMarketCap shows bitcoin breaking for the first time over the $23billion, complementing cryptocurrency gains this year.

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